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Our Story

Over 50 years ago as I played with my first dollhouse, yellow two story with a green roof; I did not know the significance that this dollhouse would hold. 


Fast forward 14 years later and after walking through the thick concrete walls, being patted down, emptying my pockets and moving through security, I was unaware that this was not a normal outing for teenagers on any given weekend. 

Thirteen years later and it was here where one phone call could strike fear in any parent. An 11 year old child was missing and no other details were given. This tragedy divided my family in half. Leaving one who continues to serve time in jail and the other who has lost his daughter. 

Compass For Life has been formed to house those individuals who have made mistakes in life and have no where to turn. I have seen firsthand what can happen within a family and how second chances may be all that is needed to restore an individuals future. I have been blessed to see the vision God has put before me to give those second chances. 

By the way, our house for Compass For Life is a yellow two-story with a green roof too!

God Bless,



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